Our guide to Christmas in Chamonix

Chamonix is a magical place to visit all year round; there is something particularly special about this beautiful town around the festive period. The whole place is glistening with lights and a fantastic tree stands tall in front of the church and tourist office, all surrounded by a snow mountain landscape.

Here is our guide for making the most of the christmas period in Chamonix:

Christmas Market

Immerse yourself in the festivities with a stroll down the Chamonix christmas market. There is an array of wooden chalets set up down the winding streets where local artisans sell their products and share their passion for their work. The sweet smell of nougat and mulled wine can guide you to the right spot. To top it off, make your child’s holiday by taking them to meet santa. He tends to make an appearance here, and your children can even give him their letters right there and then. The stands will be set up from Place Balmat to the Quai de l’Arve in the pedestrian highstreet. Once you have exhausted the market, you can stop in one the many lovely restaurants here for a cup of hot chocolate, vin chaud or a bite to eat.

Christmas Entertainment

The tourist office puts on a whole host of events over the festive period, so you will not be short of entertainment. On the 24th of December a mythical fairy is invited to parade the streets. On stilts 9m above the crowd, she dances up and down the streets with toys and other magical creatures. A similar event takes place on the 28th of December called the Fairy Court parade. Three fairies will again dance and parade through the streets of town, followed by various other mythical creatures. On the 30th of December there is another show performed by Cabaret Urbain, it is made up of different sketches comically evoking feminine clichés. Their bright costumes and interesting moves are entertaining for all ages. Alternatively if you fancy singing along to some of favourite carols, there will also be a carol concert in the église reformée. The exact dates for this are still yet to be confirmed.

Skiing on Christmas Day

Waking up to a picture perfect winter wonderland is definitely a big selling point for staying in the Chamonix valley over christmas. There are a few things you need to be ready for when it comes to skiing on Christmas day. This period is early in the season, so the snow coverage is not as reliable. Whilst some years we have had considerable snowfall in November, this isn’t always a guarantee. The Mont Blanc lift company has invested a lot of money into equipment to maintain whatever snowfall there has been. Make sure you have had your skis serviced so they’re sharp in case it is icy. The other thing to be wary of, this is a popular time to come on holiday and everyone will be heading out for a ski on christmas morning. There will be queues for the bus, and parking will be limited. If you haven’t already organised your pass, we would recommend getting that sorted before christmas day. Chamonix Holidays can organise ordering your ski passes for your. If you are interested don’t hesitate to get in contact with sales@chamonixholidays.com or have a look on our website https://www.chamonixholidays.com.

Chamonix Accommodation

We have a great selection of properties based near the town so you can make the most of your time here. You can see the complete list of properties when you click HERE.